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1. Music Arrangement and Programming / Production , Original Songs , Covers

2. Recording Vocals, Live Instruments , Guitar , Flute , Tabla , Dholak , Violin , Saxophone, Only Solo Instruments

3. Mixing and Mastering , Our Arranged or Third Party Projects

4. Music Videos ( Inside Studio , Indoors and Outdoors ) for Singers , Musicians and Bands

5. Short Film Making , Dubbing , Foley , Background Music , Sound Effects , etc.

6. SOUND ENGINEERING COURSE , Learn the Art of Recording Mixing and Mastering.

** Terms and Conditions given below.


If you are a singer…

A composer Or even a lyricist

We have good news for you

We bring you KRS STUDIOS

A One stop solution for all your Music needs from the comfort of your home…

Do you mean to cover a song..? Just send us your raw vocals and we will mix the track for you.

OH You have your own song?

Great!! but worried about the music..?

Worry not..

Record a demo on your phone, and send it to us.

KRS Studios will take care of the music arrangement, when the Music is ready record your final vocals and send it to us. We do the Mixing and Mastering .

You will receive your very own song in your mailbox while being in the comfort of your couch.

and Voilà…. Your new song is complete.

We provide Services like Mixing, Mastering, Full Music Arrangement , Instrumentals, Music Compositions, Songwriting, Background Music, Promotional Theme Songs, Voiceovers, Sound effects, etc.

Terms and Conditions

1. We only work if the Allocated Advance Payment is paid.

2. Payment once paid is non - refundable.

3. Only work with us when you are satisfied with the references of our work given to you makes you confident enough to work with us.

4. Quality of work varies (very minutely) from work to work, but we always intend to deliver our best and send few revisions unless we can make it better.

5. Be polite and respectful as we are a business working with talented Music Arrangers and Mixing Engineers who are continuously tying to deliver our best to our customers